Top 3 Places to Fish in Eastern Oregon

Top 3 Places to Fish in Eastern Oregon

The Pacific Northwest is by far one of the hottest spots in the United States for outstanding fish. From Washington to Oregon and even into Idaho, there are tons of great spots where you can reel in the fish. If you find yourself in the Eastern Oregon area looking for some great fishing holes, we have a list of places that you have to hit. These spots and more are always great spots to score big with the fish.

Mann Lake

Roughly 80 miles south of Burns and located in the South Eastern part of Oregon lies Mann Lake. For the fisherman who likes to head to the water early in the season, this spot is always one of the best to visit for some of the best fishing the state has to offer. This lake is typically quite full of trout and it will be very rare when you aren't getting them to bite on any day of the week. Wait until the water is warm to really capitalize on these fish.

The Donner and Blitzen River

Located near Steens Moutain in Eastern Oregon, the Donner and Blitzen River, commonly referred to as the Blitzen, provides a variety of different settings to fish in as it goes through both marshlands and canyons. Some of the best trout fishing can be found in this area according to this article from Perfect Fly Store as these fish can get up to 18 inches long. For more on this incredible river, you can  check out the article in its entirety here.

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Owyhee River

Located just an hour outside of Boise, Idaho, the Owyhee River is located on the Eastern border of Oregon. This fishery has become one of the most popular spots for brown trout as the average size you will find is roughly 20-inches long. Ideal for the fly fisherman, the fish are abundant in this river during the summer making catches very likely each time you go out. For more on this outstanding river, you can read more in  this article from Owyhee Fly Fisher.

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