How Does the Wind Affect Your Fishing

How Does the Wind Affect Your Fishing

Every fisherman experiences different kinds of weather and elements. While we all want a calm, sunny day where the water is smooth and calm, unfortunately, the windy days are bound to happen. Preparing yourself for the wind and knowing how to adjust to it is key if you are wanting to still reel in a bunch of fish on the day. From issues you might face, to knowing how to battle and compensate for them, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you bring in more fish no matter what the weather conditions.

When a strong wind comes up and you do decide to go out on the water anyway, there are a few things to take into account to adjust to the new challenge. A great place to fish from when you are in a strong wind is simply to stay on the shoreline. Many smaller fish can find themselves caught against the edge as the strong wind can confuse their movement, giving you ample opportunity to pick a few of them off. If you venture our just beyond those shores in your boat, you may also be able to pick off larger fish going after the baitfish that are trapped by the shoreline.

Lines and reels are not the heaviest pieces of equipment in the world, making casting in the wind a bit tricky and difficult to master. As far as specific casting technique is concerned, you will likely want to abandon the overhead lofted toss, and opt for a lower sidearm flick that will just skim across the water's edge. By keeping it below the wind, you can still direct your bait and hit your spots where the fish are.

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If you do find yourself out on a boat in the wind, anchoring is a great option to help with your casting struggles as you will be able to stay in one place much easier when doing your sidearm casts. If this isn't an option, an electric motor can help keep you in one spot so you don't drift out into areas where the fish are not abundant or you can get yourself into danger. If you are out on the water in a boat, be aware that strong winds can make this a much more dangerous activity so being aware of your surroundings is key.

Follow some of these simple tips and you will be able to be successful in any kind of wind.

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  • John Harley