How to Troll for Trout

How to Troll for Trout

If you are fishing for trout and happen to come across a spot where are large amount of them have gathered, consider yourself a lucky fisherman. In this situation, mastering the technique of trolling with a simple worm harness can prove to be a very beneficial method for you. There are many different techniques and theories about what the best one is when trolling with trout, so trying several of them out and finding which one works best for you may be the wisest option for the success of your fishing expeditions.

One of the fun and more unique techniques out there is called the three way swivel technique and has proven to be far more successful than using more traditional methods such as steel line and bait walkers. In order to pull off this technique, you will need some sort of lighter action rod that uses either a 6-pound or 8-pound line so it is strong enough to reel in the fish but light enough to where you can really manipulate it the way that you need to. To complete this setup, you will need three-way swivels that weight either one or two ounces. This will all depend on how deep below the surface the trout are residing.

Another popular technique is the art of downrigger trolling as you can really pull in some larger fish with this successful method. If you are going after the trophy size fish that you can really be proud of, this method is likely the best choice for you to go with. For successful downrigger trolling, you can drop your lure up to 45 feet deep during the summer months to go after the big ones. You should also focus on casting out several feet beyond where the fish are congregated so you can pull the lure through the area.

One more productive method to try out when trout trolling is the dead drift technique. By tying up the hook and bait it successfully, you can simply add a couple of split shots roughly two feet above the hook. You should make sure the wind is hitting you at a 90 degree angle if you are in a boat so you can ensure you move at a smooth speed that won't startle the fish. Find the right weight through adjustment and you should be reeling in the trout in no time.

The summer is the perfect time for hauling in trout, so implement a few of these simple tips and tricks for a successful season.

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  • John Harley