Why Go Night Fishing?

Why Go Night Fishing?

While early in the morning is usually the most popular time of the day for fishermen to be hitting the water, another opportune time of the day to go is at night.

While this isn't necessarily a traditional method, there are many benefits to fishing after the sun has gone down.

Advantages of Night Fishing

Just like if you were to go fishing in a remote location, one of the biggest advantages of fishing at night is the decrease in boat traffic on the water. The less people out on the water going for the fish, the better chance you will have of reeling a few of them in.

Other than there being more fish available to you because of less boat traffic, the fish will likely be far less distracted. If you are the only one out on the water, the fish will not be as jumpy or distracted as they normally could be by the sounds and movements of multiple boats skimming along the water's edge.

Other advantages include the ability to cast and target better than during the middle of the day. The wind is typically down when the night arrives, making it much easier to hit your spots when you are casting on the water.


Disadvantages of Night Fishing

One of the most obvious disadvantages of fishing at night is the lack of light where you can spot fish swimming near the top of the water. Knowing where the traditional successful spots are on the water in the area you are fishing at is key if you are going at night.

A common question among many fisherman who are thinking of partaking in angling at night is whether or not fish can sleep. The simple answer to this question is yes. While it is not necessarily a deep sleep, it is a dozing that is deep enough to where they will not be biting or be as active as they typically are in the morning or even the afternoon.

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What to Take for Night Fishing

Night fishing requires many different tactics and equipment that you would typically not use during the day time.

One of the most important things needed for successful night fishing is to have the proper lighting for your excursions. From trailer lights to navigational lights, these will all help you get around the water easier.

You should also be sure you have plenty of fuel and emergency supplies for your boat in case something does occur.

Follow some of these tips and tricks and you will be on your way to great night fishing!

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  • John Harley