YakAttack CellBlok Battery Box Setup

YakAttack CellBlok Battery Box Setup

The YakAttack CellBlok battery box may just be the cleanest and easiest way to mount a fish finder on your kayak. Not only is it clean, but it is portable. Simply slide it off of your kayak's track system and slide it onto the next.

The greatest part about this battery case is that you do not need to drill holes into your kayak! Mount the transducer arm to a ram ball on top of the box and it will hang over the side of your kayak. It does not matter if you want the fishfinder on the right or left side of the yak.

With this battery case, you can take it anywhere, so it is not limited to your kayak. You can use it as a depth finder while ice fishing, or take it out on you boat. Now you can have a fishfinder at any moment!

The box does add a little weight to one side of the kayak than the other, but this does not add as much weight to one side like you may think. However, if you are worried about the extra weight, you may want to invest in a smaller battery size.

Here are some quick installation instructions. You will need to drill a hole or cut out a piece of the CellBlok in order to make sure your power cable and transducer wires fit snug inside the box.  Drill the pre-marked holes to install the Ramballs to the top of the case. Once the fish finder and transducer arm have been attached, simply wrap up the excess cable and zip tie the cables to hold them in place and keep them out of your way. It is pretty simple to install.



Products needed to complete the above installation:

YakAttack CellBlok (CLB-1001)

YakAttack RAM POD 18" Transducer Arm Mount (RMS-1046)

YakAttack RAM 2.5" Diameter Composite Base (1" Ball) (RMS-1085)

YakAttack RAM 2.5" Diameter Composite Base (1.5" Ball) (RMS-1086)

YakAttack Ball Mount for Lowrance Elite-4 & 5 Series Fishfinders (Rugged) (RMS-1093)

7 or 9 mAh battery

2 disconnect battery terminal connectors

1 butt splice connector

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  • John Harley