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Berkley is the world's leading fishing tackle company. The reason this company is at the top of the list and is known by every angler is because their products are thought of and created by avid fishermen. When fishermen are the ones who are creating the products; whether it be to fill a void, to create something they always need and never have, or simply to perfect something else that is out there. You can be sure you are getting the best and highest quality products on the market. They have extremely advanced technology that helps them create top of the line soft baits, fishing line, hard baits, terminal tackle, and fishing rods.

This company was founded in 1937 as Berkley Fly Company in a little town in Iowa when Berkley Bedell took his hard earned paper route money and used it to start a business selling his very own hand tied fishing flies. He created these original flies from the feathers of chickens in his backyard and hair clippings from the family dog. After the company continued to grow and expand over the next few years, several experimental trials were done with fishing line, and with all of that testing came Berkley's gigantic break-Trilene, which was first introduced to anglers in 1959. Since then, this company has continued to grow and expand and create some of the best fishing products out there.

Today, Berkley continues to excel in producing innovative, high quality products. Berkley is well known in the trout fishing niche for their vast selection of PowerBait. Trout fishing has never been so easy!