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Storm Arashi Swimmer
Storm Arashi Swimmer
$29.99 $37.59

The Storm Lure Company started back in the 1960's and was successfully manufacturing several different types of lures. Storm mainly focused on hard baits from their inception all the way through the time the company was purchased by Rapala in the 1990's. Soft baits did not become a member of this company until the early 2000's. When this originally occurred there were also a lot of fishermen who were trying to go back to the basics and refinish or re-melt their original hard baits, so Rapala decided to go back to the basics as well and remold some of the older, original baits that put Storm on the market in the first place.

Today, Storm carries baits for every situation that you may face! The technology is constantly advancing and they now have a UV Bright finish that makes the lures more visible to fish who are feeding from sight, which only increases an already incredible brand!