Strike King

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Everyone wants to save money when they can, but there is no need to have a lesser quality product just because the dollar amount is smaller. Strike King Lure Company has always had the same intention over their past 40 years of existence, and this is to create the greatest possible fishing lures for the least amount of money. This company is run by people who are avid fishermen and are outdoors all the time, thus giving you the products that you need and are going to be a sure fire way to get you that catch of a lifetime! The Pro-Team assembled by this company is full of incredible talent and years of experience and knowledge. All of these factors are what go into creating the lures that you purchase today.

Some of their most popular products are the Strike King Crankbaits such as the Square Bill Crankbait. One of their most popular lures is the KVD (Kevin VanDam) Jerkbait. The bass king himself spent almost 2 years perfecting this lure.