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Zoom Bait Company is a manufacturer of soft plastics that has a home base in Bogart, Georgia. This brand has been creating some of the best soft plastics on the market since 1977. Their process has not changed, and after more than three decades bass still love the soft plastics that are created by Zoom. They create their own plastic, mold it themselves, and mix up their own custom colors. Everything is manufactured and shipped from one location at their plant in Georgia. This company was started by a man who could never find a worm he wanted, so he began to create his own. Before he knew it, his company is one of the top names when it comes to soft plastics for bass fishing!

The Zoom Super Fluke, Jr. lure is slowly making its way to the top of every bass fisherman's list. This lure is a silent killer, and has most recently been the center of attention when Casey Ashley, the 2015 Bassmaster Classic Champion, used it to catch his winning fish!