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YakAttack Hawg Trough Mounting Kit

  • YakAttack Hawg Trough Mounting Kit [BLP-AC-0001]
  • YakAttack Hawg Trough Mounting Kit Shown with Blackpak [BLP-AC-0001]

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Product Description

Does your kayak need a place to store a Hawg Trough? Look no further! YakAttack has manufactured a durable bracket set that can be attached to the BlackPak and secured with a bungee.

Key features and benefits:

  • Easily store your measuring board
  • The Hawg Trough will stay in place with a bungee for security
  • Easily mounts to the BlackPak
  • Includes stainless steel hardware and bungee
  • Free up space on your kayak for other tools
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Product Reviews

  1. Works Great Rating

    Posted by on

    I use my Hawg Trough brackets mounted on the left side gunnel of my kayak just behind my seat. This allows me to have easy and quick access which helps during tournaments. I have cut the mounting tabs off and drilled holes in the middle of each bracket to allow me to pop rivet the bracket to the kayak. I slide the Hawg Trough into the bracket in a way the most would consider upside-down. This works great and keeps the Hawg Trough out of the way and protected.

  2. Works Great Rating

    Posted by on

    These brackets worked great for what I was wanting to do with them.I had to modify them a little by trimming the mounting ears or wings of of the, drill a whole in the middle for the mounting rivets to go through. I used some silicone adhesive with them as well. I mounted these brackets to my kayak on the port side just behind my seat for the easy access. I know most people mount them to their milk crate, but I preferred a little easier access for me. They work great.

  3. Good Product! Rating

    Posted by on

    A great option to secure / mount your Hawg Trough Measurement Board. It holds your measuring board securely in place.

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