Fishing Team Spotlight: Tim Isaacs

Fishing Team Spotlight:  Tim Isaacs

Tim Isaacs has been fishing for roughly 60 years, and he has no intention of slowing down any time soon! He first got into kayak fishing in 2016 and hasn't looked back since. Fishing several local club trails and national trails, he has learned what works for many different scenarios. Please take a look at some of Tim's advice for new kayak anglers, his favorite places to fish, and what he is most looking forward to this year after being sidelined with an injury for the last fishing season. 

1) What is your favorite fishery, and why?
Lake Erie for still water and the New River for moving water. No matter what, I love the fight of a smallmouth.

2) When it comes to weather, do you prefer warmer days or cooler days, and why?
I prefer warmer days in the spring and cooler days in the fall. With either one of those scenarios, I think it excites the fish and gets them active.

3) What is your all-time favorite setup (rod, reel, line, bait)?
Spinning rod, usually an AllStar or 13 Fishing paired with a Lew's reel and 15# braid with an 8 or 10# fluorocarbon. Usually, I’m throwing something finesse.

4) Are you more of a river angler or a lake angler?
Lake, but I’m working at getting better on moving water.
Lake Fishing for Bass

5) What does preparing for a tournament look like for you? From scouting locations to watch the weather to the baits you’re choosing, etc….let us know!
I study maps a lot, especially CMAP, Google Earth, and Navionics. I also watch a ton of videos. The weather is something we can’t control, so I have learned that we have to go with it. All of these factors combined will control what baits, color, and presentation I use.

6) Even though it may depend on the time of year and what the water looks like, do you have a favorite color to throw no matter what?
You are correct, and it does depend on all of that. Generally, though, I’ll throw something green pumpkin with purple flake. I think the purple gives the bait that bluegill or brim look.

7) What is one suggestion you have for anyone that is looking just to start getting with kayak fishing?
Make every outing as much fun as you can, and the catching fish part will take care of itself.

8) Besides the obvious (paddle, PFD, rods & reels, baits), what is one thing that you always have on your kayak with you?
My NRS Pilot knife because you never know when you’ll need a knife.

9) Do you have a favorite accessory, and is there any particular reason that is your favorite?
My Lowrance Elite TI7. You have to be aware of your surroundings, so if I don’t have it with me, I feel lost.

10) If you are struggling on tournament day, what is something that you do to try and change that?
I do a variety of things. First, I will slow down. If that doesn’t help, I will change the colors that I'm throwing. If that still isn't working, then I’ll change baits. Lastly, sometimes you just have to move to a new location.

11) What made you want to get into kayak fishing in the first place?
Some very good friends started talking to me about fishing from a kayak since they knew I was a bass boat fisherman. They thought I would be a good fit, and they were absolutely right. I purchased a Native Propel 13.5 peddle drive before I ever even sat in one! I caught three fish that afternoon, and that’s all it took for me to get hooked.

12) What is one of your goals for the 2020 season?
To qualify for all the championships, and to better my finish in the KBF National Championship. But most importantly, stay healthy.
Tim Isaacs

13) Where is your dream fishing spot?
Australia or Brazil. I am hoping to take care of the Australia trip in February of this year, though!

14) If you could spend a day fishing with anyone, who would it be? (this can be someone you know, a professional angler, anyone!)
That would have to be my Dad. He passed in 1999, and he’s the reason I have this fishing bug embedded so deep in my head.

15) Do you have a favorite technique to use, or are you comfortable with many different ones and switch it up depending on the day/location?
I’m pretty much a finesse guy. On occasion, though, I’ll throw something other than a little bait.

16) You were out a lot last year due to surgery; what is one thing you are the most excited about for this upcoming season since you’ll be back on the water?
I’m very excited about all the opportunities for kayak angling this year. With the KBF Trail and Pro Series, the Hobie BOS, and the BASS Nation Kayak Series, it's a great time to be a tournament kayak angler. On top of that, I have been asked to be the Kayak Director for the West Virginia BASS nation, so the opportunities are kind of overwhelming.

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