How to Fish in the Spring

How to Fish in the Spring

When it comes to fishing successfully, it may seem that luck plays a very big factor in it. Any true fisherman knows however, that hauling in as many fish as possible really comes down to a variety of different strategies. No matter what season you are fishing in, you will always have to apply these different strategies in order to have a fun and successful day. If you are fishing in the early spring, this can be a great time to hit it big when it comes to your catch. If you are heading out on an early spring morning for your fishing outings, here are some important tips and tricks to follow.

Arguably the most important part of being successful in your early spring fishing is selecting the right spot to do your fishing. When it comes to a good day in the early morning during this time of year, sticking to shallow waters is a great tip to follow as the fish will generally migrate to this warmer spot in the lake or pond. Be sure to keep your eye out for spots where the sun is shining on the water as the sunlight will quickly heat up these spots, making it a popular spot for fish to gather in.

Another important thing to note is the type of bait you are using to reel in your catch. Using live bait is a great way to entice the fish more as the cooler waters will usually make them a little more wary to open their mouths and go for a bite. When it comes to spring fishing, patience is the biggest key to success.

If you are after bass during the spring, a good rule of thumb is to opt for a larger lure. These larger lures will in turn give you more opportunities to catch bigger bass, so make sure you are using a strong enough rod that can handle a large amount of force if you are fighting a catch.

If you opt to use a more traditional spinnerbait lure for your fishing expeditions, this is the best time to really take advantage of them. With the proper one, fish will bite at it at a very high percentage, especially in the shallow, warmer waters you will be venturing into.

Spring fishing is by far one of the most fun and exciting times of the year to fish as the reward can be very high. If you follow some of these simple tips and tricks, you will be hauling in big fish in no time.

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  • John Harley