Jackson Kayak 2015 Elite Seats (Original, 2.0 and 3.0)

Jackson Kayak 2015 Elite Seats (Original, 2.0 and 3.0)

This article will explain which seats come standard on the new 2015 Jackson fishing kayaks. The new Elite 2.0 and 3.0 seats are sure to turn some heads.

Jackson Kayak's New Elite Seat 3.0: (Standard on: Kraken and Coosa HD)

The Elite Seat 3.0 has all the qualities of the Elite Seat 2.0, plus the ability to move forward (fore) and backward (aft). This enables you to adjust your seat for maximum speed and performance. If you are on moving water such as a river, adjust the seat to the aft position to help raise the bow, which will give you more control and maneuverability. For flat water set the Elite Seat 3.0 to the fore position to help lower the bow of the boat, this will give the paddler maximum speed and tracking. For the rest of the details, look below at the 2.0 description.

Jackson Elite Seat 3.0

Jackson Kayak's New Elite Seat 2.0:

The new Elite Seat 2.0 makes your time on the water more enjoyable and more comfortable than ever before. It has a new look and feel with 3D mesh fabric. Jackson made some new changes for improved ergonomics and comfort, along with more storage capabilities, and a new Therm-a-Rest lumbar pad. This is also sturdier than previous models. The 2.0 works on any existing Jackson Kayak that has the elite seat.

  • New Look and Feel – Lightweight and breathable 3D mesh with padding for comfort. All black with a new JK logo and reflective piping with a new sleek look.
  • Better ergonomics – The top corners of the curved back have been rounded even more for improved comfort. The seat can be removed for transportation, or used as a camp chair.
  • Elite Hi/Lo Seating – Optional hi/lo seating - The ‘lo’ position being more stable, where the ‘hi’ position gives you a better view into the water and a more natural seated position for transition to standing.
  • Improved ‘first hand’ storage – When in the “hi” position, there are two side pockets that fit Plano 3640-10 Waterproof tackle boxes; still providing plenty of room for 3700 size tackle boxes to fit under the seat. Provides easy access to tackle without having to turn around which frees up more storage in the tankwell.
  • New Therm-a-Rest lumbar support – Now comes with a removable Therm-a-rest lumbar pad on fishing models, which can also double as a camping pillow.
  • More Secured Seating - Improved security and adjustability - New cam strap system that allows the seat to be cinched down tighter more easily.Original Elite Seat: (Standard On: Original Coosa, Cruises and Tripper):

Jackson Elite Seat 2.0

This model is the original camp style seat. 

Jackson Kayak Original Elite Seat

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YakAttack CellBlok Battery Box Setup

YakAttack CellBlok Battery Box Setup

The YakAttack CellBlok battery box may just be the cleanest and easiest way to mount a fish finder on your kayak. Not only is it clean, but it is portable. Simply slide it off of your kayak's track system and slide it onto the next.

The greatest part about this battery case is that you do not need to drill holes into your kayak! Mount the transducer arm to a ram ball on top of the box and it will hang over the side of your kayak. It does not matter if you want the fishfinder on the right or left side of the yak.

With this battery case, you can take it anywhere, so it is not limited to your kayak. You can use it as a depth finder while ice fishing, or take it out on you boat. Now you can have a fishfinder at any moment!

The box does add a little weight to one side of the kayak than the other, but this does not add as much weight to one side like you may think. However, if you are worried about the extra weight, you may want to invest in a smaller battery size.

Here are some quick installation instructions. You will need to drill a hole or cut out a piece of the CellBlok in order to make sure your power cable and transducer wires fit snug inside the box.  Drill the pre-marked holes to install the Ramballs to the top of the case. Once the fish finder and transducer arm have been attached, simply wrap up the excess cable and zip tie the cables to hold them in place and keep them out of your way. It is pretty simple to install.



Products needed to complete the above installation:

YakAttack CellBlok (CLB-1001)

YakAttack RAM POD 18" Transducer Arm Mount (RMS-1046)

YakAttack RAM 2.5" Diameter Composite Base (1" Ball) (RMS-1085)

YakAttack RAM 2.5" Diameter Composite Base (1.5" Ball) (RMS-1086)

YakAttack Ball Mount for Lowrance Elite-4 & 5 Series Fishfinders (Rugged) (RMS-1093)

7 or 9 mAh battery

2 disconnect battery terminal connectors

1 butt splice connector

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What is the Difference Between Yakattack GearTrac Models?

What is the Difference Between Yakattack GearTrac Models?

Track systems allow you to customize your kayak in an endless amount of ways. All GearTracs are compatible with 1/2" track hardware. You can use them with  Ram ScrewBalls and any other that have a track adapter. Typically, when choosing the right GearTrac, you would want to decide on a material first. YakAttack offers 2 different constructions which both offer different benefits. 

The first material is used in the  GTSL90 series (Spectralite) which consists of a marine resistant high end polymer, which is a hard plastic. This plastic version comes in many different sizes and colors like lime, orange, yellow, and blue. This is meant for light duty use and is not as durable as the other models. If you are looking for something more affordable, then this is the right choice. If you plan on using this GearTrac for rod holders, then you may want to go with a higher end model.

GT90SL BlueGT90SL GreenGT90SL RedGT90SL Yellow

The higher end models are made with aluminum and military grade hard anodize. There are two models constructed with this metal. There is the  GT90 series and the GT175 series. The GT90 series is designed for medium duty use, while the GT175 series is designed for rugged and heavy use. If you plan on using your GearTrac for trolling, then we highly recommend the GT175 series. If you mainly use them to hold your fishfinder or other accessories, then I would go with the GT90 series which is more affordable and still very durable.


 GT90 left and GT175 on right

Now for size. You will want to inspect your kayak for flat areas where you can mount your GearTrac. If you do not have long flat spots, then you will need a shorter track. Generally speaking, if you have the space available then you would want to get the longer track. The longer track offers more flexibility when adjusting your mounts. You can move mounts out of your way easier and add more adapters to hold your accessories. This isn't always true, so take a ruler and place it onto your kayak to try and visualize the GearTrac.

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